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Bid List Network is a peer to peer platform. The guidelines to getting started
are very simple, *Register using a referral link*
Complete your account information, Bids start from ZAR 100.
"Referral Bonuses go up to Level 3 "

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Getting Started Earning Made Simple

First step, Create your account enter all your valid information. Once registration is complete you will receive verification SMS.
The next step here is to go straight your Profile and update your Personal and Payment information, also upload your Profile Picture (optional).It is important for you to double check every detail concerning your contact number & Banking information to avoid any mistakes when another member is making payment to you.
Bid List Network platform works with a Bid list, meaning at 9AM ,1PM, 6PM a Bid is released. To participate in that Bid you need to choose/select a member showing in the list and bid the with any amount starting from R100, You simply choose the member by clicking Bid button, next step is to enter the amount to bid with, minimum amount R100, Confirm Bid - knowing you only have 4 HOURS to make the payment.